5 Reasons You Should Go to Los Angeles Once in Your Life

1. Weather

Southern California has amazing weather. Most of the year, the weather is sunny with average heights ranging from 21 to 27 °C, and average lows at 8 to 17 °C. You don’t need to pack a snow jacket in winter, or a change of t-shirt in summer. LA. tends to have dry and windy air.

2. Diversity

Want Hawaiian, Ethiopian breakfast for lunch and all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ for dinner? All that you can do in Los Angeles. LA. is a diverse city where cuisines, festivals and cultures of many ethnicities can be sampled and enjoyed. Neighborhoods such as Little Tokyo, Chinatown, Little Ethiopia, and Koreatown offer plenty of great food, as well as museums, galleries, shopping, and educational opportunities.

3. Beach

Los Angeles County has more than 112 km of coastline, and they are all beautiful. Few tourists flock to Santa Monica beach or Venice Beach which is bustling and has lots of social activities. If you prefer a quiet and peaceful beach, there is Malibu beach.

4. Culinary

Los Angeles is home to so much delicious food that even residents can’t eat it all year round. Those looking for fine dining can try Providence, headed by Chef Michael Cimarusti, Spago in Beverly Hills or Mélisse in Santa Monica. For cool spots, there is Hot Hot Food, which specializes in different types of fried rice, Same Same at Silver Lake is a Thai cuisine favourite. You can also head to the roadside cart or hidden backyards like Dona Mary in Watts serving Mexican specialties.

5. Music Festival

Tourists hoping to see a concert or rock play in LA are in luck. Indie venues at Silver Lake, Echo Park, Westlake, and Highland Park offer new and local bands, while big-name artists perform at the Hollywood Bowl, the Greek Theatre, and the Staples Center. For those who just want to catch a show, there are also plenty of bars where live music is held every night for a small additional fee or for free.